L & A Energy builds on its bench strength for our project development arm.

The team has been a trailblazer in renewable energy, starting in 1982 developing some of the first utility-scale wind projects in North America. Since then have gone on to develop projects in over a dozen countries with thousands of MW of completed projects.

Experienced team with a long history of success developing renewable projects in regions all over the world.

Track record of sourcing capital from Development Banks with interests in developing countries.

Proven detailed investment process focused on consistency and generating attractive returns for its investors and lower power purchase prices for off-takers.

Private development company focused on renewable energy project: Sourcing, Development, Construction, and Operation & Maintenance

Solar Power Mongolia

Developed in conjunction with Arcos Energy

  • Stage: Late stage development
  • Location: Zamiin-Uud, Dornogovi Province, Mongolia
  • Technology: Solar
  • Size: 30MW
  • GHG offset: 45,000 tons

Choir Wind Park

Developed in conjunction with UPC Renewables as lead developer

  • Stage: Late stage development
  • Location: Choir, Gobi-Sumber, Mongolia
  • Technology: Wind
  • Size: 51MW
  • GHG offset: 180,000 tons